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Salam alaikoum friends!

I am slowly back after a very busy blog-break. Our summer-school-free-time-offer ended last week with the beginning of Ramadan and I enjoy now some days of spirituality, of summer-joy, of quiet and slow.

The last weeks were very lively and full of change and activity. We had nearly every day more than 20 kids around here, subhanallah – there was a real need for our workshops, crafting and playing programmes.

We also had time to further plan the school that opens mid September, inchaallah, and to get many kids enrolled.

Alhamdulillah things go on well, the government gave its official permission for the school and we use the opportunity of this blessed month now to work on the last important preparations for the start, to arrange the rooms, to do some last building work and to sort out the materials – and we pray for financial support and a smooth start, inchaallah – and I ask you to keep us in your prayers as well.

I am glad to be back here from time to time with some news, thoughts and inspiration.
And I wish you a very blessed sacred month!