A new Beginning


Mashaallah, the dream came true and a new decade began for us as a family.
The project is succeeding, subhanallah:

The doors opened Thursday, 16th September and half our house became a school!
For this first year we host now every Monday to Friday 16 children age five to seven.

We are establishing our own pedagogy and are practicing teaching methods that follow the idea of an open, encouraging, free, individualized learning environment.
We respect the Moroccan curriculum but follow the child’s rhythm.

We nurture the child’s roots and help him to use his wings to fly and to discover new horizons, inchaallah.

I am a teacher now; a creator of new didactic methods, a facilitator, a mentor, and a school manager.

It’s a huge new duty for me, it’s a lot of work and my mind is with the project nearly from the moment I wake up until I go to bed.
It is time consuming and breathtaking, it’s demanding and trustworthy. But I love it! Alhamdulillah.

Thanks God for all the blessings we received over the last weeks,
thanks God for facilitating us the bureaucracy and the entire organisation,
thanks God for the lovely motivated director-woman we found, tbaralkallah,
and thanks God for the help we receive from all the people around!
May Allah protect this school and all the people within.
May Allah guide us always to the right path.
May He shower us with His mercy, pleasure, peace and blessings.


Thanks for your thoughts and happy week friends, sorry, I am just too busy to write more regularly at the moment…