This is for our partners in Switzerland without whose friendship, know-how and endless support we would never have been able to open such a school and realize such a blessed project, subhanallah.

I am enormously grateful for all their mentoring, support and know-how and the help and time they scarify for our school!

It is especially for V. and J. who encouraged and lead this project and who offer their energy since more than three years now. I am so thankful for all the mental and ideal help they provide, for all the practical ideas and the beautiful learning material they brought and for their motivating visit last week.

I am thankful to be blessed with their friendship and for the wonderful pedagogy they offer and deeply inspire us with.

It also is for all the teachers and schoolchildren from our partner school in Switzerland, and for the association and our dear friends in France who offered absolutely great material, it is for those in Germany and for all the people who did and still do support our school project.

I apologize that I didn’t say it more often:
Thank you !!!
May Allah bless you all, may He reward you and shower you with His mercy!