Permaculture Vivante – the beginning of a project

permaculture ofen2

The actual building of the collège vivant’e is part of a whole campus.
The vision of this “campus vivant’e” is one of huge extensive grounds with the schools and further education centers, with green fields and different gardens, sports and playgrounds; with areas to learn, to research and to work; with a wetland, a fireplace, and many different corners that invite to relax and to be together.

The existing grounds are dry and desert-like and mostly consisting of stones and wormwood bushes. This reality is asking for a lot of work, if this place should once become a green oasis…
To continue the holistic  philosophy of the “école vivante”, we decided to cultivate the soil according to permaculture methods, because we wish to further join in the natural cycle and to allow the plants, the animals and the human beings to enrich and to serve each other.

As we already began with greywater-use, compost-toilets, eco gardening and the recycling of our trashes, we continue this sustainable way now with the beginning of a permaculture project.
Together with the enthusiastic and committed  help of Lukas Mueller, a student from the Permakultur-Akademie in Switzerland, who recently visited us with his friend Joanna, we began now to establish a plan for the green “campus vivant’e”.
Little by little this intercultural project should now develop and provide many opportunities to learn, to understand and to try together.

More information on permaculture and the win-win-win situation for humans-animals and the environment you can find here:


permaculture ofen
with Lukas and Joanna, building a pyrolysis furnace


seeding and mulching

permaculture samen  permaculture2

and looking forward to what will grow here….