Year’s end summer celebration in a Ramadan night

This week we finished the official school year with a big summer celebration.
More than 100 people, all the pupils with their parents, siblings, teachers and the stuff of the school came together to celebrate the last six years of the école vivante and the beginning of the next big step towards the realization of “campus vivant’e” .

last preprations in the morning 

It was a beautiful evening and night in Ramadan, peaceful and uniting;
everybody, young and old, male and female broke the fasting together, prayed together, ate together and celebrated in the ground floor of the new college-building this historical moment of finishing the first complete cycle of primary school, the future of the secondary school and a further opening towards the local society.

everybody came and watched the unprententious and humble little program of the evening 

It was an evening full of peace, spirituality and light, filled with remembrance, thankfulness and the deepening of connections between school, home and the environment.
Until late in the night, after special Ramadan prayers in congregation and the beautiful reciting of the Qur’an, people sat together and shared memories and opinions.

breaking the fast – women and men were seperately served by the students and teachers

The école vivante is now officially closed for summer vacation until school starts again the 19th September 2016.

We work now some extra days with the pupils of 6th grade and together as a team.
This blog will also be occasionally updated even during the break, but we already wish everybody beautiful holidays, a blessed summer and that God accepts all our fasting and worship.

Allahumma taqqabbil minni oua minkoum, salam aleikoum oua rahmatullahi.

Quran recitation and the prayer place
and a little song in sign language and a-capella