So, you wanna work at the campus vivant’e ?

Time of summer vacation is for many people the time to look for a new employment – and the école/campus vivant’e is always looking for people interested in joining our team!

The more we grow, the more we see that rigid job advertisings do not justice to the lively and varied work we offer.
The campus vivant’e is an evolutionary place of peaceful human growth. The whole project evolves and changes, every day, naturally and organically, and so does our work.

We are all very flexible, eager to learn new things, to face new challenges and to grow together.
And we are happy to welcome everybody who is motivated to come with us on this journey.


“Self-determined development in harmony with the environment” this is our highest value, lived in every part of our work.

We see work as a meaningful tool to become whole.
We all strive together towards a better world, in peace and light.
Every moment, we try to give our best, inviting others to do the same, so that everyone can blossom towards his highest self.

For us, it is of secondary importance if you have a high school degree, a master or other certificates.
We need colleagues in every area of our project, from carpenter to cook, from teacher to manager – and we are looking for people who are courageous to try themselves.

Are you looking for a place where you can grow towards your true purpose?
Are you ready to be the change you wanna see in the world?
Are you eager to challenge yourself, to try new things and to join an enthusiastic team?

Then send us your application documents, a picture of yourself and a brief description of your strengths, your experiences and the reason how and why you are thrilled to grow with us.

At we are looking forward to receive your mail!