Islam and Peace-work _ when faith meets productivity

Some personal year’s-end-thoughts of Itto, the founder and pedagogic leader of the campus vivant’e:

We are sometimes asked if there is a certain “ideology” we follow at the campus vivant’e, in our teaching and our work. I would not call it “ideology”, but surely, our work is guided and inspired by different things:

We follow the Moroccan national curriculum and our whole schooling is based on its official content.
Just like in any other Moroccan school, we teach all the obligatory subjects, languages, math, science and religion, etc., with the aim that students can learn what they need to know for a purposeful life.
Our wish for them is to become responsible and capable citizens of their country, so they can serve community in many positive ways.

The way how we teach and educate at the campus vivant’e is inspired by humane values and many many different pedagogies, yet totally “vivant’e” (lively and flexible) and fully adapted to the needs of the children and to the local situation here in these remote Atlas mountains.


In all our work, in our daily life with the pupils, we are deeply guided by the teachings and rules of our religion, which is the religion of Morocco, Islam.
We try to practice our faith as a whole way of life, imbedded in all our doing, in the deepest sense of its meaning:

”Islam = Peace”.

If I want to put together our values, our mission and our goals, to describe the culture and philosophy of the campus vivant’e, the description would be:  “we are here to serve”.
We see our mission very much in serving – serving the pupils, serving others, serving humanity, serving a bigger purpose:

  • encouraging a meaningful development of each and every one here
  • motivating students (and teachers as well) to show, to develop and to blossom towards the most positive version of their self
  • support students to learn the skills needed for a fulfilled and meaningful life – for their own good and for that of society in whole
  • striving to always give our best and allowing others to give their best
  • building bridges between people and being a committed example of peaceful dialogue, nonviolent communication and respect towards all
  • inviting people (students, parents, teachers, volunteers and visitors alike) to be the positive change we wanna see in the world
  • assuring that everybody feels welcomed and accepted here, no matter who they are or what they believe


Now, at the end of a very eventful year full of changes and new beginnings, and full of worldwide challenges that ask for courageous solutions, we would like to thank all who participated in serving a peaceful purpose.
We would like to thank all who are committed to mutual-understanding and in creating the campus vivant’e with us. We would like to thank all who helped us to fulfill our mission! 

Thanks to all the people from near and far, from Morocco and from the whole world, Muslims, Christians and all others alike, for your contribution to the development of this place of growth!
We are happy to have you as our partners in this important work.


The following manifesto summarizes very well how we understand our work and action in relation to our religion.
I would like to share with you this essence of how we understand productivity in an Islamic way:

  • Pursue everything in life with an active intention
  • Seek spiritual connectivity & barakah (God’s blessings) in every moment
  • Fill your heart with abundant positivity
  • Plan your day, week, month, life in detail!
  • Rise early and seize the barakah (God’s blessings)
  • Aim for physical vitality
  • Pursue holistic learning for a holistic life
  • Take time to have fun!
  • Always be of service
  • Have commitment and discipline


The detailed manifesto is to be found here on this source :

In French 

In Arabic 

Salam aleikoum and peace, love and light to you!