News from the Campus

Dear friends, partners and visitors,

The new year 2017 just began, and with the quiet of winter it is time to reflect on things that passed and things that will come.
We are happy to share in this newsletter today the essence of the development of the école vivante and the whole campus vivant’e – Ait Bouguemez – Morocco with you.
(very detailed news can be found here in German and French language)

Last year was full of change and growth, some of it was very demanding and exhausting, but also promising, in fact full of joy, and there are also many new chances and plans for the future.


This is a little list of the main evolution we went through and of important events to come:

  • The almost finished construction of the huge building of our secondary/middle school – thanks to the big donations and support we got for this.
  • The success of our oldest students in the national exams that marked last June their end of primary school.
  • The happy opening of our secondary school in autumn, with those first pupils who came from the école vivante to continue their schooling at our new “collège vivant’e”.
    They began their further education with a wood-working project and constructed each one, together with Swiss carpenter Tobias, their own school desks.
    That was the beginning of the learning in a dual system, where practice and theory go hand in hand, allowing students to figure out their personal future and professional choices by getting in contact with different fields of work and occupation.
  • The beginning of schoolyear 2016/17 with 49 pupils in 7 levels in total.
  • The inclusion of deaf children in our regular school (a decision we took due to the fact that two of our own children are hearing impaired). In spring we all had the chance to really learn sign language, LSF, and the communication with the deaf, together with Fabienne a professional volunteer from Berlin.
  • The success of the women’s felting cooperative in our neighbor village. The organization of alphabetization classes for them and our further connection with the local public through the expanding of leisure time programs.
  • The beginning of our permaculture project in February through which we will work together with professionals, teachers and pupils to agriculturally develop the whole campus and to learn about a healthy and sustainable living, about renewable energy, eco-life-cycles and a harmonic coexistence of humans, plants and animals.
  • The extension of the whole project towards the fulfilling of a holistic vision:
    the campus vivant’e as a place of light and growth, with chances for each and everybody who likes to participate and to engage in a peaceful intercultural dialogue.
    The campus vivant’e will develop little by little into an entire educational center, with primary, middle and high school, with a vocational training center, with guesthouses, a gym and multipurpose-hall and with a leisure program for the public.


  • The weekend of Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th April and Monday 1st May 2017 we invite you to come and see the whole project!That weekend we open our doors to all people interested.
    We invite you to participate in guided tours through the campus, in pedagogic and intercultural exchange with others, in presentations and in a celebration of the new building, our pedagogy and the project in whole.

    You are welcome that weekend to meet with people from Morocco and from all over the world!
    Please, inform us in advance of your coming to better plan the event and to send you detailed information about the program.


If you like to participate in developing the campus and in carrying out our mission to offer a place of learning, of peace-work and growth, we are happy to cooperate with you and to get your support.
Our students come from different social strata and have sometimes very poor backgrounds. Your financial help is inevitable for the existence and the operation of our schools and guarantees a high quality education and positive chances for all the pupils at the école and college vivant’e.
Which investment could be more meaningful?

We are looking for courageous people who want to be the change they wanna see in the world.

You are welcome to financially promote small objects, material or a definite project, to take over a sponsorship for a student, to support us in our operating cost coverage or to help us with a big donation in buying more land and in realizing the whole campus.

At the end of this letter, you find detailed information on the different possibilities to donate.


We sincerely thank all people, groups and organizations for their support, encouragement and company on the growing of the campus vivant’e!

We wish you and the whole world peace, light and love.

We send you our greetings and best wishes for 2017, from the High Atlas mountains,

Itto and Haddou
and the whole team



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