Sign language courses with Asmae

With Asmae from Morocco we have actually a great help in teaching and integrating the deaf children in our school.
Asmae, who is deaf herself, masters Moroccan sign language very well.
She was trained in a special school in Meknes and knows reading lips in French and Arabic, which helps us in communicating with her.
She is a wonderful role-model for our students, tbarak’Allah, and with her personal strength and lovely character a great inspiration for all of us, alhamdulillah.

This is the special training with the hearing impaired students.
One of them actually is in hospital, because she had a bad car-accident.
We pray for her and for the good sense of all the drivers here, who so often drive much too quick along the villages, not caring for all the children (especially not for the deaf ones) running and playing on the streets….mashaallah.

Here you see Asmae in action with pupils from the first and second grade – everybody learns sign language.