Permaculture, botany and sciences

The pupils of  7th grade worked hard over the last months to establish, together with our permaculture-friends Joana and Lukas, a huge calendar for seeds.

This calendar connects the science of botany together with biology, horticulture, permaculture, French language and even Latin.
It shows exactly the different plant-families and the best time when to plant what and which plant together with which.


The calendar is made in two parts: one part  is presenting the different plant families in the form of trees; like brassicacae, lamiacae,… including the different cabbages, beans, onions, herbs etc.
The other part of the calendar is a huge poster that shows the different months and holds little bags in the allotted colours, corresponding with the tree-pictures, for seeds of each plant-family.

To understand and use the calendar, one has to establish quiet deep scientific knowledge, and the older students help now the younger ones to know when it is time to sow what.

The calendar helps us also to determine the right partner for every seed and to know which one we can put together with another or which ones we have to separate for better growing results.