slowly back… and the importance of space-design

Officially the school is still on vacation, but behind the scenes, the development of the campus vivant’e went on even during these hot summer months:
workers built some annexes near to the green oasis, with a guestroom and place for kindergarten; we changed some walls in the primary school and added a mezzanine in the college for computer places and quiet work.
These days some mothers of our pupils came to help clean out the whole space and prepare everything for the start of the new school year. Together, the work went smooth and was a great moment to get to know each other, to foster community bonds, but also to get more involved in the place where their children learn and spend the days.

For me, as the founder and leader of this school, this time of the year is always a wonderful opportunity to look back and forward.
While the other teachers are still on holidays, I love to walk through the quiet buildings, to live out my passion for interior architecture, to ponder on the use of each room, to rearrange some furniture and objects, to try new arrangements, to define new zones and to breathe some prayer and blessings into the whole place.

I am sure and convinced that the architectural structure and room-atmosphere of a school adds significantly to its good functioning and plays a huge pedagogic role in the learning-success of students.
Inspired by the use of space in our partner school, the Scuola Vivante in Switzerland, but also by Montessori and Waldorf-ideas, by Feng Shui,  and by many other design-directions, we take the rooms and furniture as the third pedagogue, beside the teachers and classmates.
The mixture of colors, shapes, the choice of materials, light, various work-place-arrangements and the definition of different zones nourish the soul and invite and encourage on many levels, to work alone or in groups, quiet or active….

So, little by little the whole place gets ready to welcome back to school old and new pupils, new volunteers and our courageous and hardworking team.

End of the week Muslims all over the world will celebrate the holy feast of sacrifice, Id el Adha, and soon afterwards the office and classes start again.

Thanks and blessings to you all, dear friends and partners of the campus vivant’e!
And a happy Id moubarak said!

xxx   itto-Stefanie