Deaf culture and the development of educational offers for hearing impaired students in Morocco

Four deaf students are actually learning at the campus vivant’e and are integrated in our regular classes. Together with Asmae, our deaf assistant, the teachers of the primary and secondary school continuously develop the learning methods and opportunities for the handicapped students and strive to balance their needs with the requirements of the national curriculum, adapted to our individualized pedagogy.


The educational opportunities for handicapped children, especially for the hearing impaired, is still a very underdeveloped field in Morocco. Over the last few years, the government shows lot of goodwill to improve their situation, but still, there are only few pioneer-people who really move forward.
Mohamed Chegri from Turju-Main Sarl is one of them.
More than ten years ago and through several happy circumstances, the former lawyer came to know the school for deaf in Meknes and felt in love with sign-language and deaf-culture. He then searched, learned and trained himself, met professionals in Europe and at the Gallaudet-university in the US and became a teacher at the Meknes school.
Now, he is interpreter in sign language and one of the most skilled and active people in Morocco in the movement for the deaf. He formerly was Asmae’s teacher and came now to visit our campus to train our staff and to see how we can collaborate to make a difference move things forward.


We are looking forward to spring 2018 with several deaf interns and trainees, the visit of our dear volunteer and coach Fabienne Schwartz who taught us so much about deaf pedagogy in 2016, and of Mohamed Chegri who will continue with her the formation at the campus vivant’e!


If you have useful contacts, are skilled in sign  language or if you wish to support de educational-development for deaf children in Morocco, we are very thankful for your help and look forward to get in contact with you!