Annual Letter – Winter 2017


Dear friends of the campus vivant’e,

It is a real pleasure to look back at the passing year 2017!

So many incredible things happened here in the High Atlas mountains and I am very happy to share some of it with you in this annual letter.

The following medley of pictures shows it all in a colorful way.

And although in German language, this movie, made by our Swiss friends, gives a deep insight in our work.

In January, February and March last year, we worked together with Lukas and Joana from Switzerland, and with many other volunteers on the topic of permaculture.
David Spicer, a permaculture-professional from Australia, came to help us with huge ground work, and we learned about the correlations and mutual affinities of humans, animals and the nature; we learned how to reinforce the natural cycles in the garden and on the whole campus by holistic and sustainable methods and ecological garden work.

This time was a lively intercultural collaboration, a deep learning experience for all and a true exchange and peace-work between people of Morocco and so many other countries.

In April and May we welcomed many people from the whole world during the festivities of the inauguration of our new secondary school-building. Also this meeting, between all our international partners and our students, parents, the locals and several women cooperatives of our valley, was a peaceful and remarkable moment.
Even the Moroccan minister of education came for a visit. The week was touching and we could feel the deep power of peace-work across borders and religions.

In summer we further developed the pedagogy, had trainings, new enrollments and we also included more deaf children of a family in which all kids are hearing-impaired.
Assia, Jaouhar and Hamza, as well as our own children Lunis and Hannah, have now, at the campus vivant’e, the unique chance to develop and to learn according to their talents and special needs. Through the accompaniment of external professionals and by our motivated teachers we continue to develop the offers for students with special needs.

In autumn, the older students worked together with Heinz the carpenter to build their own desks and to learn about the world of different professions.

Later, all generations worked once again together with our permaculture-friends on the improvement of the whole campus-site. They cared for the new chicken-house and planted more than 750 new trees on the hill behind the school.
With this remarkable tree-planting-action we set an important sign against the erosion and desertification of the country and created a new and rich environment for the birds and other animals.

In November, I travelled myself to Europe, to participate in a training in Germany and to meet our dear German-speaking sponsors in Graz/Austria.
During a big charity-party I had the chance to present the campus vivant’e to a large public and to touch heads and hearts with this beautiful film , made by „Weltweit Wandern wirkt!“, and with stories about “ education instead of emigration”.

And now, it is already winter, again – the garden sleeps and the new trees are taking roots. Half of the school-year is nearly over and the moving year of 2017 is coming to its end.

We want to thank you, and all the people from near and far, who helped in so many different ways to develop the campus vivant’e.
We want to thank all who participated in our intercultural exchange, in our peace-work, in the improvement of educational chances for students like Assia, Jaouhar and Hamza, and in the realization of holistic and interconnected learning opportunities here in the High Atlas mountains!


Here you find our bank account, and with small amounts like 25,- Euros per month, you can already help a student to benefit from our offers and to build up a promising future in Morocco and in our valley.
Actually, your donations help also in the following:

10 Euro:  a tree against the desertification in the valley

30 Euro: a huge sports-mat for our sports-classes
70 Euro: a heater for the cold classrooms in winter

100 Euro: a new desk for the seminary rooms in our collège vivant’e

300 Euro: a monthly salary for a teacher

4.000 Euro: a new well/pump for the watering of the trees

15.000 Euro: flooring, fencing and goals for a real sportsground

… or any other amount to offer us financial security on the long run.

We are very thankful for all that was, all that is and all that might come.
And we hope to be able to continue to develop, together with you, this place of peaceful chances and growth for all.

“Together, for the better, yes we can!“

With greetings of love and light, from Morocco,


Social entrepreneur and pedagogic leader 

with Haddou, family, the whole team
and students of the campus vivant’e Ait Bouguemez  

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